Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 22 - Create rituals that will benefit you.

The difference between habits and rituals is intention. You create significance by the attention you devote to something. Brushing your teeth and combing your hair can feel mundane unless you change your mindset.

What if you woke up into your "Beauty Ritual" instead of morning madness. Face, hair, clothes are all apart of your morning and maybe add a happy yoga flow to improve balance. After all your morning is super important because it sets the tone for the day.

Make some time to address what you would like to do. Then make a plan to get it done!

  1. Write what you want in your morning schedule.
  2. Schedule it. Add it to a daily calendar.
  3. Make sure to block off time.
  4. You might have to wake up earlier to spend more time on yourself.
  5. Be diligent and don't allow stuff to crowd into your rituals. 
PEACE be the Journey, Ho'o

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