Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Creative Boost for New Years #4 [Consistency]

In my humble opinion this is one of the most important characteristics to poses. Which is a great follow up to the last post about de-cluttering [email, sour relationships & just about anything]. 

Why talk about consistency? Because IT is the habit forming tool we all need to make significant change. However, consistency needs a lot of help... enter FAITH.

The Creative Boost suggestions for keeping or learning consistency is to start small and make it fun. Example: You have a crazy schedule and can't make time for yourself.
  • No "ME" time? Wake up 15 minutes earlier and use it for your "ME" time. [You can increase the amount.] This is the foundation for peace to journal, pray, meditate or turn up the music to dance around in your PJs. Letting peace & happiness into your day will keep you grounded.

  • Need time to be creative? If you want to do more art then just "DO" it when you feel the urge. Get it out of your system but make sure you set the timer on your phone or watch for 15 minutes. That adds up to moments of self empowerment since you're acknowledging your creativity while being consistent to your schedule. 

  • Want to be healthy? Make a "FIT" vision board then write 3-action steps [on sticky notes] that you want to do, then make it happen. Also, I suggest you find a buddy or an app that can hold you accountable. [Here's an app list for healthy eating & fitness.

  • Do you desire to make meaningful & lasting relationships? Write out characteristics that you admire and say, "I am grateful for having friends with these qualities _________." Say the sentence with the list every time you think about it. This will activate your mind positivly and put your sub-conscience to good use.
That's the top 4 for gaining consistent peace, creativity, health & relationships.
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