Friday, April 10, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 10 - Qualities and Appearance

I often go on Pinterest during my spare time to relax and see what's trending in the world. It's fun to pin pieces [clothes] from some of the worlds top designers and fashion moguls but then I have to ask my self, "Is this outfit me?"

Have you ever purchased something and then realized that it looked better on the hanger? In fact that's all a model really is, a hanger for the designer's clothes. [I heard that on a popular reality show for aspiring models.] Yet you're so much more then just a hanger in fact what you wear speaks volumes. Did you know that?

We are constantly evolving and our bodies change like the phases of the moon. Accepting the season's that our bodies go through is healthy. Maybe you're working out for the first time or returning to fitness. Either way it's a boost for society to have healthy & vibrant creatives in the community. After all we bring color into the world. PEACE be the Journey.

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