Thursday, April 9, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 9 - Vibrant Creative

"Vibrant and Creative," now that sounds like a great description. How many of us honestly feel like we're able to be creative, have fun while living a vibrant lifestyle? Let's face it, having time to create and making time for physical fitness can be challenging. But... it's important to take care of the WHOLE being.

Experiment: The next time someone ask you how you're doing you say, "Vibrant & Creative."  

For today's prompt consider what health looks like to you and examine your ideas. Is that picture of a size zero model really healthy? Does your body have to be completely ripped and toned? Is health the ability to be at peace and ease? 

Once you've defined health for yourself then find magazine pictures or words that share your values. Design your healthy life one clipping at a time. This page is really about you but if you would like to create a family health page use another piece of paper from your journal. PEACE be the Journey.

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