Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top 3 Magazines for Vision or Dream Boards - MY PICKS

Tired of thumbing through ads when looking for great pictures? I have three suggestions but you might not want to cut into these because they're not cheap and filled with so many beautiful images. I'm starting with a new favorite...

1. Happinez a magazine that focuses on peace, tranquility and authenticity. Its publication feels more like something you would want to collect. Price $17+

2. The Simple Things is filled with images that say so much from food to features its all here. I also liked the typography :)$9+  

3. Private Island is everything your traveling mind needs to wonder into the realm of "possibilities." It features islands for sale or rent and this is the perfect magazine for your dream board. $14+

Speaking of "Travel" check out TCV's episode on #TravelCreatively  

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