Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY Facebook Banner Using Photo Apps - Vlog Addition

Turn that mundane FB banner into something marvelous. Why be common and ordinary? Take a few minutes to make a statement. I posted this blog to share the process in photo's and the vlog so you can hear me talk through the task. Sort of a multi-sensory experience. 


Let's get started! Above are the directions and you can skip #1 if you're not into B&W pics. Below is the YouTube vlog I created... complete with ukulele from möi. I'm definitely not Jake Shimabukuro but I do like a good jam session, Ohana style. 

I opened the image in chop-station on the CMI app. [Cut Me In app] My suggestion is to not rush and don't expect perfection. [FYI the free version has a TON of pop-up adds that are annoying.]


EXTRA TIP: The next pic is what an edit looks like when I take a snap shot with my iPad and open it in InstaCollageFREE [ICF]. I only did this to give the pic a yellow frame for posting. [EXAMPLE B]

The dashboard in ICF has so many choices and it's best to let the pic shine so don't pic a busy frame. I like using the ICF app when I'm branding a color or when I'm using more then one pic. [Example A]

At the end of-it-all I didn't want a frame. When you get comfortable using these photo apps you'll be cooking oatmeal and creating stuff while you wait. PEACE be the Journey.