Friday, March 13, 2015

DIY - Foodie pics and delicious fonts!

On most iPhones you can add the grid feature to help you line up your pictures but my favorite attribute is the touch screen lighting. [Check in settings under Photos & Camera to add the grid.] My suggestion...

1. Go close to your subject and be mindful of the background.

2. Take several shots moving in and out.

3. Try several angles because it will capture the light differently.  

4. Lighting - it's best when the light is toward your subject casting the shadow behind it.

5. I like to get my lens eye-level with food as if I was going to eat it up. 

TIP: Imagine that your lens is the spoon. I don't know why but that helps me. 

I used A+ Signature app to add thought to the picture. If you choose to bend your words around the subject be forewarned. The more curves the longer it will take. [Why?] Because you will have to do a separate text for each word or letter. 

After all that work I decided not to add the graphics [heart] and kept it really simple. At the end of the day you should want to eat the picture. PEACE be the Journey ~ Ho'o

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Techie Info
Subject Trophy Cupcake's D.C.P.B.
Camera iPhone5s
App A+ Signature