Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BIG Announcement!

DIY Beauty + Buy Local + Vlogs By ME = Fun
I'm so excited to be working with my favorite Tacoma organic shop off 6th Ave. Together we are designing DIY natural beauty tutorials and kits. Yes you heard me right! What you see is what you can create.

The vlogs will be on The Creative Boost YouTube Channel and on for you to enjoy. The easiest way to stay connected is to subscribe to the channel or get on our email list. We'll announce our big launch on Facebook and here.

Did you also know that, "The Creative View" is captured live and published every Tuesday. It's where a few of my creative/entrepreneur friends hangout with me to share and hash [#] trending topics. 

Have to say, this was the best Chai I EVER DRANK!!! The soup fed the soul with healthy goodness. You must try, if you're in the area and if it's available. All soups are made fresh by a local chef. 

You know what's also cool... booking an appointment with Kerri. [If you're in the area.] She's an awesome herbalist and long time friend. So much goodness. PEACE be the Journey.

Photo edit - A+ Signature on iPad Mini
Camera - iPhone5s #NoFilter