Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PUH! Peek-Under-the-Hood

You might have seen my earlier post on up-cycling planners and I got a Peek-Under-the-Hood [Puh!] from two other creatives. And you might connect with the fact that creatives have too many ideas and not enough follow-through. Well that's not the case with these ladies because they're able to live as a Right-Brainer while handling Left-Brain details. I'm including their vlog post.

Grace Howes of RedBarn-Studios

My Reflection
  • Sophisticated
  • Multi-Layered Midoris Notebook
  • Bullet System

Kiala Givehand of Giving Hands Creatives

I'm not able to post Kiala's planner vlog on YouTube at this moment but this link should take you there. http://youtu.be/srMquRAUrjY Below is another GHC vlog. 

My Reflection
  • The value of multi-planners
  • Investment Into Several Systems
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily Tracking
We all enjoy color-coding and multi layering our planners. I'm actually thinking about buying a midoris... thinking. Until then I'll continue to see how they use theirs. 

My mini-vlog [ukulele only] but this isn't the system I use, it was a challenge I did to see how many planners I could up-cycle for under $10.00  the full version is on this link: http://youtu.be/TGYGk-JhKlI 

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