Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What does the apple say? #CreativeBeauty

Beauty Post [singing out loud] but it's not what you think. What do you say to yourself about "yourself?" 

Creative Beauty: The process by which one accepts what they can't change. While changing what they can, which will benefit them over time. [Like that? Made it up myself.] 

I was staring at a basket of fake fruit. [I use it as a prop at health expo's.] And had the funnies thought, "We compare our shape and size to fruit, what if fruit did the same?" What does the apple say? Nothing... because it could care less about the other fruit around it.

What if we didn't compare ourselves to others?

Then I jumped into CB Mode and grabbed a few items. [Once again while my oatmeal cooked.] You can easily recreate your own still life painting and have fun.

In a frenzy I smudged, outlined and laughed out loud... really loud. The truth is that we, Americans, need better beauty images. And if you can't find it then create what you want to see.    

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