Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 14 - Meditation is a must!

What is meditation?
Simply, it's a moment in your day when you step away from the busyness of life and breath. That's it! Listen to your breath and reconnect with your heartbeat.

Why should you meditate?
It allows you to refocus on what really matters... heartbeat and breath. We often take for granted these two functions because we assume that it's natural but it isn't. Your body is a sophisticated machine that requires special attention. Taking it back to basics allows you to recalibrate and slow down. (Step out of the Lizard brain mentality.)   

What are the benefits?
First of all BREATH is powerful not to mention necessary. The number one benefit is that it allows you to pay attention to how your body is circulating. In the long run that will increase your vitality. Secondly calming your heart to a healthy rhythm will help you handle difficult situations.

Can anyone meditate?
Yes, you did it for nine (9) months in your mother's womb. Heartbeat & breath were always present. Watch the 1-Minute Meditation vlog & doodle your thoughts.

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