Monday, March 30, 2015

Digital Art Journaling

Art journaling is therapeutic, it let's one shine from the inside out. You can become anything within the safety of a few pages. What if you don't have that kind of time? Getting out the paint, chalk, pastels might not be accessible. Well that's about to change... 

I'm in the same position as most of you, busy, but the creative beast in me longs to fill a blank page with color and words. Feed the beast! I took a pic of something I did awhile back.

1. I then opened Instacollege and picked a fun frame.

2. I chose the pic I took earlier and used it in every frame possible.

3. The fun part was turning and swiveling the images in each frame. 

4. Finally I saved the pic from Instacollege and then re-opened it in A+ Signature to add my thoughts. Done. PEACE be the Journey.

"I found myself at the edge of a cliff, wondering how did I get here? Then the clouds opened up to reveal the sun. It was always shinning and then I remembered! I came here to find my wings, fee the breeze and SOAR. I have always been and will continue. Past the rust of life because my treasures aren't bound to this frail earth. Breath of a Phoenix." by Ho'o  

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