Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY - Pic Quotes then post to Twitter in 5 Minutes

Now that you've created a personal collection of stock photos here are a few ideas to turn it into shareable quotes. You can now post your original pics and thoughts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Don't forget to watermark your images in case someone decides to share it.

1st - Consider what you want to say. 
2nd - Pick a relatable image. 

3rd - Open it up in A+ Signature to add fonts and embellishments.[Keep it simple.]


4th - Find the most suitable placement for your thoughts.

5th - Share, post, repost, repurpose and most of all let others get a sense of your brilliant mind. PEACE be Journey.

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Techie Info
Subject Random Mushroom
Camera iPhone5s
Annotations App A+ Signature