Saturday, January 17, 2015

3 UpCycled Planners Under $10

Turning the mundane planner into a MARVELOUS planner. 

I always have fun at the $1.00 section at Target(R)  because the possibilities are endless. I started with the items listed above and then gave it a creative boost. The total project was under $10 (US) and at the end of the day it became a great gift. I've included the YouTube vlog that goes with this project. You can choose to watch it or read my picxam (picture + examples).  

I decided to make quarterly tabs and bling them out with rinestone adhesive stickers. For tabs I used Fellows (Clear) Binding Covers and cut them on a slelf healing mat using a rolling cutter and ruler.

Once you learn how to make your own tabs you might end up going ballistic and this idea. The best way to purchase your binding covers is by buying a pack of 100 which is about $45-ish or split the cost with someone. You can do so much with them.

The total price... 

The next was a notebook size planner.

I laid  a strip of washi tape on top of the clear cover and painted the letters with acrylics. Once dried I outlined them with a Sharpie and cut out the tabs. Then I cut a thin line below the letter and peeled away the remaining tape to reveal a clear tab. The clear part is what I glued down with a glue stick.

Not bad for $2.00

I incorporated several ideas crammed into one project. Composition books are cheap but who wants to draw out lines? My solution was to use a tear-away weekly planner and glue stick each page. [i only glued the edges] The rest of the project is too lengthy to type so check out the Vlog above.

PEACE be the journey.