Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seattle Super Bowl XLIX

I was in West Seattle hanging out with a bunch of Creatives. [I'll probably introduce them to you in the next blog.] We planned this meet-up in 2014 way before the playoffs and despite the distraction we shared, ate & shared. [Hawks vs Packers]

Lights for good luck and a wild explosion once they won! Fireworks were being lit, cars honking, people running up & down the street screaming. [FYI: fireworks are banned in Seattle, Lol.]

How's that for a meet-up & celebration? Awesome right. We had delicious food prepared by Nancy who's a local artist, in turquoise. Next to her is Kathy J, Paish & Christine who are all entreprenuers in the PNW. The best part is that they're super fun to hangout with. [I'll link their sites later.]

Go HAWKS!!! They sealed the deal after overtime! Proud to be here! See you on Facebook