Monday, January 26, 2015

One (1) Minute Meditation - Exercise for your mind.

Exercise for your mind.
Meditation isn't succumbing to the will of, "Whatever" it's actually a trained skill. The ability to quiet the lizard brain takes time. Let's take it one minute at a time. You can read the blog and set your timer for one minute or click on the vlog below.

1. Relax your shoulders.
2. Focus on 1 sound. Car you hear the flute?
3. Breath intentionally. Listen.

The benefits aren't as transparent but you will feel it over time.
  • Learn to be still.
  • Learn to focus inwardly.
  • Learn to disconnect from distractions.
  • Learn to reconnect with self.
Perhaps water isn't your thing and that's okay. In fact drinking a full glass of water and listening to the vlog might not be so helpful.[If you know what I mean.]

Over time you'll be able to literally, "Know thyself." And the next time you have a major decision to make you'll know the answer.

FYI: There's a faint flute sound in the background. Try to hear past the other sounds and see if you can connect to it. PEACE be the Journey.