Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If no one celebrates you, then CELEBRATE yourself!

We wait for other's to complement us because that's the polite thing to do but what if no one say's anything good about you? Then celebrate yourself! Get up and go somewhere that will boost your creative being. Maybe a cafe, museum, seaside, hike, window shop, concert, book store, craft store or garden. 

My first years of marriage and motherhood weren't as celebrated as I would have imagined. (Young couples trying to make ends meet are often too busy pinching pennies.) One year I decided to celebrate Mothers Day my way. Zero expectations on my husband and an entire day that I can plan and do what ever I wanted... alone.

As it turned out I began to invite other women to hangout and every year there was something different to do. Then one year I came home to an elaborate dinner and eventually these grew into gift cards, museum memberships, roses and trips planned by my husband and children.

I guess they saw me celebrating and wanted to join the party. This year they took me to one of my favorite Seattle spots, Chihuly Garden and Glass. I was impressed at how they engaged with all of the art pieces, even my two year old. The bottom line is that you teach people how to treat you. PEACE be the Journey.

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