Thursday, May 7, 2015

Up-Cycle Composition Book & Tote

My friend, Kiala, challenged me to decorate a plain 'ol composition book and a canvas tote. This is the 1-week procrastination that took about 15 minutes to complete. (How funny.)

First I laid down some white butcher paper to protect my carpet :) Then placed my tote and started spraying.

I used alcohol inks in a spray bottle and Dylusion Ink Spray with stencil, which are all from Ranger Ink. (The green color is the alcohol ink.)

While the tote was drying I ripped up the colored butcher paper and decoupage my composition book. It didn't take long to complete.

I decided to paint my version of spring using acrylics while my new journal dried. Done :-)

Here's the vlog where she challenged me and our friend Grace.

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