Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tea Party Invites w/ Photo Apps

Yesterday's post was about getting together but maybe I should have posted about creating the invitation. This will be a little hard to explain but you can reference previous post on erasing any background using the Cut-Me-In app.

1. Start with a teacup pic.

2. Open it up in Cut-Me-In. I used a previously saved white background and then chose the teacup pic as my foreground.

3. After that I opened the A+Signature app to fill in the words and heart images. I usually take off the shadowing and adjust opacity.

4. Then I needed to add a border so I used the InstaCollege app to pick a collage and added the same picture to each frame.[Saved it.]

5. Opened it back up in Cut-Me-In using the the saved floral as the background and the invite as the foreground. [Saved it.] 

6. I trimmed it in my Photos app and laughed at myself. All that work for a little trim?!

[Enter the critic.] I thought that I was done but the more I looked at it the more I disliked it.

7. I skipped step #4 and went to #5 [again] using a solid color background that I already had in my photos. Now I can post on Facebook, Google+ & email them out to my friends. THE END!!!!

PEACE be the Journey & I hope you plan a cool sister celebration.