Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What's in my bag?!✨

We [Sista & Möi] especially enjoy "Day Trips," because they're mini adventures within surrounding communities. The best part is that it plays an important role in staying connected & creative. [And we all know how important creativity is.]

If you want an eclectic and color-filled experience try Wallingford in Seattle. It has an array of boutiques that I have yet to explore plus so much scope for the imagination. It began it's life as an education center and you can see the historic preservation throughout the building.   

On this particular day we decided to check out Pharmaca which was a great surprise. They sell homeopathic, natural care products and so much more. We also noticed that a lot of the products were priced better then competitive stores in our neighborhood of Tacoma. Was it worth the drive? Ah, YES because this was only one of several interesting stores.

It's my sister's b-day in a few days and I decided to spoil her with some self care Andalou goodies. She's promised to blog or vlog about her experience. So I guess we'll all have to wait... unless you're tried it before :)

They do have a few samples at the store of various products and helpful staff. Make it a day-trip and tell them about this awesome blog you read. Chances are that they probably won't know us but that's not a biggie. Enjoy the visit. PEACE be the Journey.