Friday, May 29, 2015

Help Kid-prenuers Make Summer CA$H

Remember the lemonade stands of the past? Well one summer my children needed to raise money for their Polynesian performing arts team. They suggested setting up a stand in front of our house. I was like, "ABSOLUTELY NOT." The neighborhood's great but...

It's all about location, location, location! My local farmers market is the perfect venue because people come ready to shop. Setting up a space is as simple as calling in and meeting all their requirements. 

We have a choice (NZ slang for best) spot between the two main attractions at the market. I just hope they can concentrate on greeting potential customers. This actually opens up some new options for blogging as I intent to share the ups & downs they face. 

This became the subject of the recent #BeautyBabiesBigBoyz and I've included a few farmers market links for the Pacific Northwest and the national farmers market association. The links are on the YouTube video.

And... thanks to my friend and biz buddy, Kiala Givehand, I've started the journey with this new book. More to come :)

PS: I'm teaching a DIY natural beauty class and the link is below. Eventually I HOPE to vlog about it. The class is called "Eat It or Wear It."

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