Thursday, June 4, 2015

#TimeIsNow 5-Steps to Manifestation

Ideas often snuggle up in our mind and stay there but don't you feel the urge to make something happen? Here's five (5) simple steps that you can implement and share. I'm using the images from an art project because I was tired of staring at a blank wall. So I busted out the art supplies and went buck.

1. Daydream about the possibilities.

2. Focus on a few tangible things you can do to make it happen. (Maybe write out all your thoughts and circle two task that you can start with.)

3. When you're done with each, mark it off then move on to the next two. 

4. Be consistent. In other words if you made time on Tuesday then block off the same hour(s) and schedule your task to follow that pattern.

5. Tweak if you need to or ask for help along the way. Maintain your schedule until your idea is manifested. (Grand ideas take time so start small and stay positive.)

This is TCV's (The Creative View) episode titled #TimeIsNow. Enjoy and share. PEACE be the Journey. Ho'o

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