Saturday, April 18, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 18 - Why you need FUN.

I use to think "Fun" only happened during family vacations. Then one day I decided to treat my weekends like mini-vacations. I though it would be easy to plan a fun event on Saturday or Sunday but it wasn't. I found myself catching up on laundry, cleaning gutters, dusting and the mundane list goes on. 

The truth is that we need fun in our lives just as much as fitness, nutrients, purpose and passion. 

  • Fun recharges your emotional batteries.
  • Fun allows you to de-stress creatively.
  • Fun builds your self confidence.
  • Fun is a part of your self-care routine. 
  • Fun keeps you young at heart.

After weeks of unsuccessful stay-cation's (stay + vacation: It's when you don't travel too far) I decided to make a plan and involve my family. This is how the conversation went...
1. In order for us to have fun weekends we have to do our house chores during the week.

2. From now on Tuesday is our laundry day and Thursday will be our heavy cleaning.

3. Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathroom is daily so put things back where you got them and clean-up after yourselves.

4. By Friday everything should be done and we're FREE on the weekends.

So far they've kept to their chore list and I have too. We all look forward to weekends because we work hard during the week. PEACE be the Journey.

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