Sunday, April 12, 2015

#iLoveTBC , Day 12 - Should grown-ups have hero's?

Who do you admire? As a child we can name a bunch of fictional characters that put super in the SUPERstar title. Then we grow up and learn more about the world around us. Eventually we begin to admire someones musical talents or design abilities. I don't know about you but Superman is still my favorite. [I have a few items in my office/studio.]

Our hero's weren't meant to be put on a pedestal  instead they were suppose to set a standard for us. A way of saying, "Hey I did this so you can do it too!" It's okay to admire their qualities but worshiping human efforts always lead to ruin. Let's not take it too far :) but who do you admire?

Who has inspired you to #BeMoreDoMore? [Be More Do More] 

I also admire innovation and classic preservation. How brilliant minds came together to create what we call "Vintage Automobiles." Today we admire them driving down the road on a sunny day, always on a sunny day.       

I live in the same town as the famous car collector Harold Lemay and to say that I admire his car collection is an understatement. Although I don't see myself accumulating antique cars but I do feel I have the desire to preserve.

Got time for a story about Mr. Lemay...
I never knew him but one of my Zumba Gold®  students was sharing how, many years ago, she had to count the offering collected during Sunday service. They would see $100 bills in the offering plate which would be like $1,000 by today's standards. Those hundred dollar bills would always show up when the Lemay's came to church. PEACE be the Journey.

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