Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take better mobile pics, with a few tools. #CreativePics

Should you invest in mobile phone accessories for photography? That depends on one factor which is if you enjoy capturing "life's moments." I don't own a Canon, Sony, Nikon or any other camera [yet] because I can't be bothered with lugging it around. Being a busy mom + entreprenuer is an understatement since multi-tasking is the new black. It's normal for people to text, walk & chew gum but remembering extra equiptment can be challenging. 

Most phone accessories are compact and can be placed in a convenient pouch that slides into your purse or messenger bag. [I'm not into purses.] If you see a stunning sunset, lucky ladybug or a beautiful family moment you can capture, print & frame it. PEACE be the Journey.

PS: I didn't focus very well on the Macro15x lens but you get the idea. Basically I stood at the same place for every shot.