Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to raise creative geniuses...

You raise creative geniuses by exposing your children to healthy experiences that will allow them to become, "Life long learners." A space where being wrong isn't a bad thing and making mistakes is part of life. Emphasizing that strength is the ability to learn from your failures. Most of all allowing them the freedom to get dirty in nature or dance for no apparent reason. Parenting + (name a hands-on activity) = Healthy Experiences.

I don't believe research would suggest that children should spend more screen time. Have you ever heard of a psychologist telling parents to refrain from outdoor activities and add TV time? Never. 

The best part is that children are thrilled to spend time with you even if it's on the front lawn walking to the mailbox. You can easily boost their creativity by investing focused attention. Believe me when I say that I had to reteach myself to focus on them.

Focused attention means...
  • No techie devices
  • No head set connectors 
  • No mini/portable wifi machines (includes watches that can tweet) 
The benefits of focused attention...
  • Healthy experiences mold future leaders
  • Creative geniuses are natural problem solvers. 
  • Boost their confidence and self-worth
How do you achieve this balance? (simple)
  1. Sit with them while they play and let them teach you.(Start with 5 min then bump it up.)
  2. Call them on the phone. They know not to disturb me when I'm on the phone so I give them that benefit. I stared calling them when I'm out working. I also take them on birthday dates.(Both are great for a house full of siblings.)
  3. Let them do things for you and give them eye contact when they're presenting you with their gift.  

At the end of your wonderful life do you really want your child logging on your FB profile to make your eulogy? Let's not get it twisted. PEACE be the Journey