Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY Wallpaper With Photo Apps

Want to make your own cool wallpaper and background for your web sight? You can with a few photo apps on your iPad [tablet]. I used A+Signature and CutMeIn. I'll show a few examples along with a screen shot of my website. All with the same pics.  

1st I took the pic using natural light.

2nd I opened it up in Cut-Me-In photo app and erased all the unwanted areas.

3rd I used poster putty to prop the shells to get a different effect.

4th I repeated the process with every shell but I used the putty with a few. I also used A+Signature to add my ".com" on the photos.

Below are a few variations throughout my web sight. This year I went with 'shells' as an overall theme. My sight, shop & blog is hosted on although I don't use the shop feature.

Have a creative boost day and PEACE be the Journey... Ho'o

If you would like to see a vlog on this let me know.