Monday, February 2, 2015

That's not a house! Building creative confidence by overcoming past criticisms.

Can you remember back to kindergarten when you were told to color in the lines. Then one day your teacher told you to draw something, "Please draw a house." Then the snotty nose kid leans over to you and says, "das no house" or the teacher criticizes your lines. Has this happened to you? Well good news, there's hope.

Building creative confidence starts today because anyone can and should create.

1. Start by setting aside time to create.
2. Make sure that it's regular.
3. Share your creations with a small circle of people you trust.
4. Invite others into the creative process.
5. Value your creative time & read books, articles about it.

David Kelley's Ted Talk: How to build your creative confidence, is filled with insights about the process of regaining faith in your artistic abilities. I especially liked his references to Dr. Bandura and how self efficacy can actually help us kill the fear of failure.

You don't overcome everything in one moment but you will gain self-belief one project at a time. Maybe you're an awesome painter but you've always dreamed of playing the ukulele. Start small and sign up for lessons. Be yourself and allow your creative genius to flourish. See you on Facebook and please take time to LIKE us & share. PEACE be the Journey