Friday, March 6, 2015

You can do MORE with your iPhone + ōlloClip

A recent trip to the Museum of Flight was out of this world! [Sorry for the pun.] All I had was...

1. My iPhone 5S
2. One ōlloClip 
3. Used the WideAngle side of the lens
4. Watermarked my pics in A+Signature 
I didn't use flash and here's the result during sunset with low light. It turned out to be a great memory for the children, na keiki, and educational for all of us. Time flies by and after two hours we were HUNGRY!

It was kind of hilarious watching everyone chugg huge camera bags and lift these giant lenses into the sky. Most of them were trying to capture family memories so my advice is keep it simple & light. Especially around little ones.

I follow a few simple, non-professional, guidelines that you can adapt and use.

1st Pick one dominate subject, even when taking group photos, and use that as your focal point.

2nd Touch the screen on your subject. Snap if you like the lighting. [Take the pic]

3rd If the lighting is too dark then reset the auto focus by moving your lens away and then back.

4th Don't be afraid of empty space, negative lighting, having your main subject on the side or corner. [The pic with a model of the Explorer is an example of my subject being off to the side. Your eyes should look at the Spaceship Explorer and then drift away.]

Have fun & catch me on FB - PEACE be the Journey, Ho'o