Wednesday, March 18, 2015

9 #MakeItHappen TIPS

"I double dog dare you..." was the last thing I heard to prove that I could fly but when you're five anything is possible. Somehow we have to reconnect to the bold and defiant energy of a five year old. Look at your ideas and just make it happen.

The minds of first flight didn't have blueprints, tools or education to build a flying craft. However they did have the desire. I got together with a few friends for our weekly collabō's [collaboration] aka "The Creative View" and we hashed what we do to make stuff happen. I counted nine [9] tips to success.


Amelia E flew a plane just like the one above in fact it is and it's on display at the Museum of Flight. It's inspiring to think that she wanted to do more then just dream, she wanted to make it happen. What's one action step that you can do today to make your dreams fly? 

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