Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#GoBuck - Give your creativity permission to thrive.

Have you ever completed a project to find out that something was missing?

My children enjoy putting puzzles together and after opening the box they went to work. Then they noticed the missing piece and couldn't find it anywhere. Further more they were daunted by the fact that they couldn't create a solution. What did they do?

They laughed about it, jumped around and as it happened music was playing so they danced.  (Laughed some more.) In my opinion that describes the hashtag #GoBuck. It's an attitude of, "Why worry about what I can't change." It's also the freedom to say "I'm going to dance and I don't care who's watching." That is the perfect combination of #GoBuck which is having a positive attitude and freedom.   

This is such a fun topic that we had to hash-it-out during The Creative View. (A weekly vlog I do with a few friends.) This topic had me rolling :)

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