Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Evite made with your iPhone apps.

Let's say that you're planning a party and want special evites for email and other social media formats... but there's a few problems. You're not a graphic designer and you don't want it to look like other evite templates. AND [deep breath] all you have is a iPhone or iPad. 

[I apologize, I only have experience with Apple products but I'm sure the apps work with all smart-devices.]

I was in the same place with my parents 60th birthday bash. I wanted something I could use on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Text. Here's the final product...

I used my two favorite apps to create my evite. They're easy to use and since I didn't have time to stage a photo session and hire a graphic designer this was a simple solution. 

Like I said, "I didn't have time" which translates into last minute planning. I dug into my iPhotos and pulled them out of the virtual cloud. This pic had potential but it was too cluttered.

I took a blank screenshot on my iPad Mini and pulled it into "Cut Me In" then I selected this pic. Now comes the work... erasing the clutter. [It was actually therapeutic.]

Above is the final result. This came after I shrunk the image and pulled it to the corner. Ahh it looks better already. Next step is to add the party information and a few elements of design. I imagined the two of them having a conversation about turning sixty. 

Below is an image of their conversation bubbles from the A+ Signature app. I completed the rest of the evite in this app. [Tip: there's a lot of fonts so keep it minimal, possibly two.]

The final invitation was fun, informative and easy to use on multiple platforms. Notice how I reflected the colors from my Mom's 2014 Seahawks Championship jersey. That's their favorite team.

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