Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Creative Boost for New Year - #1

WELCOME 2015... but there's one more thing I have to do!
I know we all have rituals & semi-resolutions but did you ever have the feeling that you forgot something? Perhaps that special candle, a certain food item, a new outfit or taking a unique picture to post on your Facebook page telling everyone, "Happy New Year!" What-ever it may be we all can identify with some type of New Year habit that we can't get away from, but that's a good thing... right? Well I've decided to visit a few rituals and post them daily until 2015 January first.

[Pause] What's up with the song, Auld Lang Syne being sung year after year. Are such lyrics relevant? Apparently YES it is relevant in many English speaking countries as a folkloric tradition.    

One of the things I enjoy doing is a creative dump as in dump-out-supplies and go crazy. Here's how you can do it...
  1. Find a piece of paper or canvas as your base.
  2. Dump out [or gently organize] a few art items. [I have a friend who always gathers (5) five items.] This part is up to you.
  3. Put on a timer or set your phone alarm for 30-minutes and let go!
Be free, work with-out an agenda and connect with your inner child. [That part of you that colored outside of the lines in kindergarten.] And if you feel like it you can post your boost on our Facebook page. [Hopefully it's working right. :-)]