Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY Your Own Quotes for Pinterest - 5min Using Your Mobile Device

Once you start creating your own stock photos make sure to include a few for backdrops. These are great for writing text and sharing inspirational quotes. Especially for posting in Pinterest. Here are a few things to consider...

1. Find images that looks great vertical or horizontal.

2. Get pics with dominating color schemes. I used a blank wall at Starbucks because I liked the wood grain look.

3. Step back and take a wide angle shot. I use my iPhone because inspiration can sneak up and being prepared is a must.  

Once you have them saved you can upload it to your cloud and use them whenever you feel like it. (I use a Time Capsule for most of my collections but have a few on my phone.)

For example I had a funny thought and opened up my A+ Signature app and within 5 minutes I created a Pin-able quote.

Below are a few examples of my own collection that I plan to use in the future :)

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Subject: Backdrop Images

Annotations App: A+ Signature

Camera: iPad mini & iPhone