Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Top 10 Abundance Tips

If abundance was a person I would say that she's intentional, purposeful & lives in a perpetual season of Spring. In fact refreshing your creative space has so many benefits like... being able to find what you need. Saving money because you don't have to buy another finger nail clipper, after misplacing the last four. So here's my Top 10 Abundance Tips

Vlogged with a few other Creatives to get their perspective.

These are only suggestions and are not meant to replace professional advice from your doctor.
  1. Reframe any negative words into positive ones. Yes, this sounds redundant but it works.
  2. Disconnect from negative sources or Facebook post. Don't engage in the conversation. 
  3. Step away, physically, from negative conversations.
  4. Stick to 1-3 and don't forget it.
  5. Honor yourself by joining a workout program. I prefer Zumba... It does the body good!
  6. Refresh your space one inch at a time.
  7. Tune in to programs or radio stations that make you smile.
  8. Make someone else smile. Give
  9. Read books, articles and tweets that encourage you. Build your mind to improve your character.
  10. Find a cause greater than your personal needs and work towards a solution. Meeting the needs of multitudes can equate to money in the bank.  
My all time favorite de-clutter guru is Peter Walsh. Check out his site and videos. Actually I created a board full of his tutorials on Pinterest. PEACE be the Journey. 

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